FAQ - Learnly for Students/Parents

FAQ - Learnly for Students/Parents

1. What is Learnly?
Learnly is the simplest way for students and tutors to connect. We are an agent-less tuition and lifestyle marketplace, and this means that you waste no time in finding suitable qualified and verified tutors and coaches right in your neighbourhood. This saves you time so you can be more productive about your lifestyle.

2. How does Learnly work?
Just download the Learnly app on the Appstore/Playstore and sign up for an account on Learnly and you can get access to these verified tutors and coaches. After signing up, you will be able to browse through subject categories to find tutors that you are comfortable to work with.

3. Are the tutors qualified and credible?
Learnly goes to great lengths to verify the competencies of the tutors as stated in their description. Rest assured that the tutor description reflects the true value of the documents required by our tutors to submit to us.

4. There are many tutors on Learnly, so who do I choose?
Learnly provides two main channels for students/parents to look for prospective tutors. For those who have a very specific requirements for tutors that you want to hire, you can browse through “Learn” for registered categories and sort tutors based on our smart filters, i.e subjects, levels, location & price. For those who are open to hearing from tutors, you can post a request on our “Ask” page and let our fantastic tutors reach out to you!

Either way, you will be looking to get a good credible tutor in no time!

5. Is Learnly free to use?
Learnly is 100% free to use, no hidden cost and in-app advertisements. You will also get a cashback of 10% for the first 6 hours when you book a tutor through Learnly!

6. Have a friend that needs a tutor?
Refer Learnly to your friend using your personalised promo code and get a 10% Learnly Reward of the first 6 hours per booking when he/she books a tutor on Learnly.

7. How do I know if the tutor is the RIGHT one?
At Learnly, we believe in providing our students/parents with full transparency when it comes to engaging tutors on Learnly. We have created a private chat messenger so you can ask away, any questions you might have for the tutor before confirming your booking. We believe the best way to get to know a person is through a conversation.

8. How soon will I get a match after submitting my request?
Our students/parents get an average of 6 responses from tutors within a day so do not worry if you are unable to get a match. Of course, you can do your own outreach within Learnly itself and double that effectiveness! (Highly Recommended)

9. What happens after the booking is confirmed?
After the booking is confirmed, you are all set to go! Just remember to turn up for the lessons arranged with the tutor and have an awesome learning experience!

10. If I encounter any trouble using the Learnly app, what do I do?
Just drop us a message either through the app itself, “MeSettingsContact Us” and our friendly team will attend to you as soon as possible.